Deep WebSea cashfishing concept

When you cashput by personalizing 10€uros of your bank money, you are creating 1 parcel of live-savings which are going as cell cash productor to share cash results into Economy 4G3W.

Webcash is a sea of cash opportunities and you like to go in cash-sharing-cash mode. Because your economic practice cashputing-is-for-more-cashcall result.

Look the beautiful deepness of your webfishing position and enjoy your webcashfishing results.


Webfishing what is that ?

Datevalors selecting production factors preferences in Economy 4G3W

Datevalors using tagvaporator selector menu Webcashmotor to manage Owndated Webquantums of his ownership.

As a qualified Datevalors [with your own Webcashmotor on the screen of your communication motor (PC, Mac, Mobiles and others 4G3W iconed screens)] you put the datevaluation of 1 or more 10€uros parcels, to create as well 1 or more Owndated Webquantums. Cells each of them to be 1 of yours differents self-marked-webspace-time-quantum. And becoming enregistered things of your ownership. Supports to receive webcashmatic plusvalues induction and for sharing cash-production-daily-cash-results. Easy-to-use linking money-at-money, for much-more-money. From the manner connection with WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web for the money datevaluation through your personal motor-for-savings. Because any OW has the same reconversion value of it 10€uros bank money charge, the cashkeeping riskless guaranty.

When to manage your links money-at-money to better performance on yielding wealth, you prefer to use the tagvaporator selector menu on your webcashmotor or surf the web selecting yourself at your own fishing manner, it is the webfishing function ongoing.

Injecting selected production factors into yours OWs, it made results of your webfishing position ongoing.

This personalized results are your tagvaporating free. Some are more or less on the wave for more or less added value. It gives the flashed picture of each OW for Owned Timestock at the "Timestock_Owned_Market" bid-ask presentation.


Economy 4G3W

Economy 4G3W


Why the money datevaluation is safe and female

For increasing your economic action performance you like to reach plusvalues and for that reason mainly you make investments even if you take a risk and you accept the cash phasis "bye...bye" to convert your money in production factors.

It was the kingdom of the Classic Economy before the use of your personal communication motors (mousephone or others) and your personal_web_activity (PWA).
By now you prefer the money datevaluation and your Economy 4G3W by your free and personal webcashmotor.Because you-do-mark-your-money just with your better webdate, then webfishing your webcashmotor start to run for webcashmatic plusvalues.

Why is it safe : because the mode is cashkeeping.
Why is it female : because it is made just for creation.
Why is it for you : because it is webfishing free and webpowered.


Owndated Webquantums webcashfishing for you

By the datevaluation of each 10€ you got 1 OW (owndated webquantum in your Timestock_Cash_Asset) and these personal properties are the basis of your new economic performance in the wepowered Economy 4G3W.

Because the fusion of a 10€ saved parcel with the associated time (moment) of your datevalors action, produces 1 webpowered personalized bank-finantial material.
This finantial material is the new generation universocial money. The single parcel "owndated webquantum", your bank-finantial property, is living in the web selecting good production factors for increasing webadded value. The process is an webcashmatic plusvalues generator.


Linking money-to-money for much-more-money

When you link 10€_to_universocial€UROS at the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web you do link for much-more-money in your webcashaccount.

Because in Economy 4G3W you get a freedom for fishing cash at the Big WebSea. And from your webfishing position you get webcashmatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode.

Because the personal webcashmotor is your own free web_device to personalize the money datevaluation with your better date_justwebmarked_on. Then you can cashcall more than you cashput. 100% free. For you. Because it is webpowered and cashkeeping. Think about.


Putting a personal motor for own savings

Now when you prefer to stay cash in your economic action, you are not limited to stay out of added value opportunities, like it was the penalty in the old Classic Economy.

Because in the new Economy 4G3W you get for free your webcashmotor for the money datevaluation.
Just register at the WUW, the Webcash_Universocial_Web. You will receive your own webcashmotor 100% FREE.

With this iconed soft device over your cellphone screen, MAKE YOUR FIRST MONEY DATEVALUATION.
For 10€ you get the property of 1 owndated webquantum. Then multiples, multiply of course.
Look the flash position (webfishing position) of your webcashaccount.

Webcashmatic plusvalues is OK for you, because it is personal webmaking money in cashkeeping mode.

Now you have your "Motor for Savings". Be happy.

The webcashfishing personal position

When you have a personal webcashaccount for the practice of the money datevaluation, you have the right for asking the Webcash_Universocial_Web at any moment, what is the flash of all your dinamic values of your webcashaccount.
This flash is the webmatic inventory in quantity and qualities of all your marked money, it means of all your owndated webquantums.
This flash is returned by the WUW when you want and for free.


Google Code - Updates: Subversion Developer Summit

Google Code - Updates: Subversion Developer Summit

Cash-Fishing at deep WebSea

Let us go for webcashfishing ...I show you my father :

Is the web a pacific sea where you must go very deep to catch money ?

Yes and no.

Of course the sea is deep and pacific, but for fishing web cash doing is much better. Because it is not a delayed risk- depending practice.

Datevaluation is the action for cash production. And if you datevalue some money is for web making plusvalues and to get chance for rents. Webpowered it means cashmatic for your happiness. Just you cashput and you cashcall.
Datevaluation In or datevaluation Out if you reverse as you keep the right for your security. Yes, In or Out. Because the datevaluation practice is a cashkeeping one, like savings. So even 100% riskfree. And better because alive for every CLO : Cash_Link_Opportunity.
+ . Do you fish at the web Sea ?
& . Yes because production factors are there in the qualia that i need and in a free mode for me.

++ .. Well, but tell me... is the Salt Water and the deepness good to fish money at the Web ?
&& .. Yes and no. Because in the Web, things and money essentials are tagvaporated. Some salt, some sweet. All things to produce RSS and RSS's. But out of the salt sea water, it is OK. Isn't it ?

+++ ... You mean that the cash webfished is dry for my pocket, oh I understand you 5/5 !
&&& ...Yeah. Let me do with my Mousephone, you speak too much about Webcashmotor!