Webfishing what is that ?

Datevalors selecting production factors preferences in Economy 4G3W

Datevalors using tagvaporator selector menu Webcashmotor to manage Owndated Webquantums of his ownership.

As a qualified Datevalors [with your own Webcashmotor on the screen of your communication motor (PC, Mac, Mobiles and others 4G3W iconed screens)] you put the datevaluation of 1 or more 10€uros parcels, to create as well 1 or more Owndated Webquantums. Cells each of them to be 1 of yours differents self-marked-webspace-time-quantum. And becoming enregistered things of your ownership. Supports to receive webcashmatic plusvalues induction and for sharing cash-production-daily-cash-results. Easy-to-use linking money-at-money, for much-more-money. From the manner connection with WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web for the money datevaluation through your personal motor-for-savings. Because any OW has the same reconversion value of it 10€uros bank money charge, the cashkeeping riskless guaranty.

When to manage your links money-at-money to better performance on yielding wealth, you prefer to use the tagvaporator selector menu on your webcashmotor or surf the web selecting yourself at your own fishing manner, it is the webfishing function ongoing.

Injecting selected production factors into yours OWs, it made results of your webfishing position ongoing.

This personalized results are your tagvaporating free. Some are more or less on the wave for more or less added value. It gives the flashed picture of each OW for Owned Timestock at the "Timestock_Owned_Market" bid-ask presentation.

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