Cash-Fishing at deep WebSea

Let us go for webcashfishing ...I show you my father :

Is the web a pacific sea where you must go very deep to catch money ?

Yes and no.

Of course the sea is deep and pacific, but for fishing web cash doing is much better. Because it is not a delayed risk- depending practice.

Datevaluation is the action for cash production. And if you datevalue some money is for web making plusvalues and to get chance for rents. Webpowered it means cashmatic for your happiness. Just you cashput and you cashcall.
Datevaluation In or datevaluation Out if you reverse as you keep the right for your security. Yes, In or Out. Because the datevaluation practice is a cashkeeping one, like savings. So even 100% riskfree. And better because alive for every CLO : Cash_Link_Opportunity.
+ . Do you fish at the web Sea ?
& . Yes because production factors are there in the qualia that i need and in a free mode for me.

++ .. Well, but tell me... is the Salt Water and the deepness good to fish money at the Web ?
&& .. Yes and no. Because in the Web, things and money essentials are tagvaporated. Some salt, some sweet. All things to produce RSS and RSS's. But out of the salt sea water, it is OK. Isn't it ?

+++ ... You mean that the cash webfished is dry for my pocket, oh I understand you 5/5 !
&&& ...Yeah. Let me do with my Mousephone, you speak too much about Webcashmotor!

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